7 Ways to Change Your Destiny By Improving Facial Features

7 Ways to Change Your Destiny By Improving Facial Features

In this article, Renaye & Paul of Alchemy Consultancy Services reveal the 7 ways to change your destiny by improving facial features according to Feng Shui.

In ancient times, wise men and sages studied the planets and stars to discover the “secrets” of Heaven. Through patience, observations and countless works, these people discovered that there we can derived our destiny and purpose with our names and birthdates. We can further change our health, wellness, luck, love and wealth using Feng Shui in our environment. It is also strongly believed that our facial features also reveal our wellbeing, success and luck. According to Feng Shui principles, our face is like a map, every section of the face represents something important.

It is possible to enhance our facial features to improve our life and destiny. The following are 7 facial features that are important to our future:

1. Forehead: A Vital Area of Your Face


The forehead is one of the most important areas of our face. A prominent, free of blemish or marks and slightly rounded brings a smooth career and tend to affect one’s youth to middle age. People who have narrow forehead, tend to have more difficulties in their social life, may face more obstacles during their younger age. It is vital to ensure that there are no obvious scars because it makes them more impatient and tend to attract negative people at work. Brighten the skin on the forehead will bring you recognition at work, and if your forehead is too short/long, you can easily enhance using your hairline.

2. Eyebrows: Your Relationships

Our brows govern our relationships with family and friends. The length of your eyebrows must be longer than your eyes. The front of your eyebrows should be thicker but not bushy or untidy. This can cause you to be short-tempered and easily irritated with people . To enhance good relationships and attract benefactors, ensure that your eyebrows are nicely trimmed, the length is longer than your eyes and the position are correctly located at your brow bones.

3. Eyes: Windows to Your Soul

Your eyes are known as the windows to your soul. Eyes are one of the most important features of your face and often, people with dull looking, droopy eyes and overly beady small eyes will strongly affect your assets, properties, children and attractiveness to others. If there are moles around your eyes, of severe puffiness, your relationship with your children will not be close and pregnancies might be more challenging. One of the things to take note of is to ensure that the surrounding areas of your eyes are not puffy, dark circles and wrinkles free.

4. Nose: How Wealthy Will You Be?

A high and sharp nose will only be considered good if the flesh on both sides are firm and sufficiently filled up. Nose represents wealth during middle till old age. This is another area that people should take note of. Overly thin and bony nose tend to cause financial woes and poverty. Many celebrities have been known to do special enhancements to their nose, unfortunately like Michael Jackson, this can caused tremendous problem in his wealth sector.

5. Lips: How Resourceful Are You?

Lips governs one’s resourcefulness. Your lip affects your capabilities at work, your connection to all types of people and your communication skills. An auspicious lip should be rosy, slightly plump with no crack or dryness, the ends of the lips should be slightly tilted upwards. Slightly tilted upward at the horizontal ends of your lip will greatly benefit you people’s skills, change your luck at work and relationships in general.

6. Chin/Jaw: Your Prosperity and Well-Being

This area governs your prosperity and well-being especially towards old age. A weak chin or overly protruded chin makes a person appear weak and unreliable. It may decrease the confidence of the person. If at work, subordinate will not listen or take instructions from this person. Correcting the chin or increasing firmness will benefit the person and improve their wellness.

7. Skin: The Map of Your Face

Our facial skin is the overview “map” of our face. A skin that is too dry or pale (example, ashen-white) or that has many big pores will affect health, organs and general success in life. Enhance it by ensuring good skin care, sufficient moisturizing, sleep and face massages. It is important to have a radiant and glowing face with fine pores. Another thing to take note of, that it is vital to check with a professional Feng Shui master and skin doctor if you are planning to remove any mole(s).

This article is kindly contributed by Renaye & Paul of Alchemy Consultancy Services.

4 Ways to Restore the Radiant Skin You Had in Your Early 20s

4 Ways to Restore the Radiant Skin You Had in Your Early 20s

Radium Medical Aesthetics reveals the 4 ways in which we can turn back the clock and go back to the fresh radiant skin we once had.

No one is spared by the ravages of time. Life is too short to be doing monotonous skincare routine that does not do much to age-proof your skin anyway. Don’t relent to the natural process of aging. Life is too short for that. We say: It’s time to break out of your usual skincare routine, and claim back what you once had!

Turn Back the Clock to Your Early 20s

Remember the times when you were in your early 20s? Your skin was at the peak of its health. It was probably well-hydrated, firm, and bright.

Taking you back to reality, if your skin is anything but bright and radiant, Restylane SkinBoosters will help you to restore your youth. Stabilised hyaluronic acid fillers are introduced just under the skin to bring back the hydration so the skin immediately looks firmer and brighter.

Combine this treatment with Dual Yellow Laser to transform your skin and give it a further boost. Intense, yet gentle yellow and green lights emitted from Dual Yellow Laser are capable of reaching the deep dermis to break down the residual pigments and reduce the production of melanin in the skin so the recurrence rate is low. Skin brightening effect can be achieved by removing pigments and treat scars and stretch mark.

From Saggy to Smooth Skin

Our skin is at the mercy of several factors when we age – harsh environment and bad dietary habits also directly affect our skin. As we grow older, the skin becomes thin and more translucent because of the thinning of the epidermis. It also becomes loose and saggy because of the loss of elastic fibers and collagen.

To combat loose and saggy skin, you can consider non-surgical thread lift such as Silhouette Soft Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift. Both treatments require the doctor to simply insert dissolvable threads with anchors and barbs to compress and reposition sagging and loose skin.

For people who are averse to needles, there is a non-invasive skin lifting option for you. Ultherapy Skin Lifting uses high intensity focused ultrasound to stimulate more collagen production in your skin. Although results are not as visible and immediate as thread lift treatment, Ultherapy skin lifting works on the foundational layers of the skin to provide an overall anti-aging effect so as to delay signs of aging.

Don’t Neglect Your Hands

We are often caught up with spending money to anti-age our face but we always neglect our hands. The daily abuse of our hands results in bony hands with thin, roughened skin, covered in sunspots and other pigmentation.

The good news is that dermal fillers are effective for plumping the skin by adding volume in deficient areas. Radiesse dermal filler is the first and only dermal filler approved by the FDA for hand augmentation to provide hand rejuvenation treatment. Unlike other regular dermal fillers, Radiesse continues to stimulate the treated area to stimulate collagen for a more youthful appearance.

Beware: A Saggy Neck Tells Your Real Age

You may not notice but the skin on your neck goes through the same wear and tear your face is. No matter how youthful your face looks, if you have saggy neck, it’s a telling sign of your real age. Other than trying to hide your sagging neck with scarves and turtlenecks, why don’t you do something about it?

By employing a special technique, the aesthetic doctor is able to relax the muscles in the neck which pulls the skin downwards. Botox is used in this neck lifting treatment to lift and tighten the neck and lower face and improve the overall appearance.

This article is kindly contributed by Radium Medical Aesthetics.