Kim supposedly became taller during Singapore summit

Kim supposedly became taller during Singapore summit

There was a dramatic political power-play over the week with two of the world’s most attention-grabbing (or notorious) leaders negotiating the denuclearisation of North Korea. State media across the globe has shifted massive attention to this event that was held in Singapore, scrutinising every out-of-the-norm observations between Big Don (Donald Trump) and North Korean dictator-leader, Kim Jong Un.

Observers were so sharp to speculate that Kim have superimposed his physical stature for this event. Despite being reportedly 20cm shorter than Trump, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un did not appear as short as how most have estimated.

Today we are going to explore:
– Did Kim superimpose his height by wearing high-heeled shoes?
– Was Kim feeling insecure about being shorter than Trump? (being called short and fat in Trump’s tweet)
– What else did Kim do during the summit to maintain his image?

Kim’s superimposed height

As we can see in the two pictures above, the height difference between both Kim and Trump is inconsistent. On the right, Kim appears shorter (hair is of the same level as Trump’s nose) while the photo on the left shows that Kim’s height has increased.

The photo below suggests that Kim has worn baggy trousers to hide the supposedly high-heeled shoes:

Does Kim has an insecurity towards his body image, which prompted his superimposed height?

Trump, known for his notorious behaviour has gone all the way out to fire personal attacks at his then political enemy, Kim Jong Un. Being one of the world’s most attention-grabbing political leaders and international figure, these remarks have certainly made an impact on the North Korean dictator’s self-esteem.

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