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Is your clinic business recovering from Covid-19?
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How It Works

1. List on our directory

Ensure your clinic is listed on our directory. Our SEO team will optimize the page visibility and start to receive leads from visitors.

2. Get leads in Inbox

When a visitor enquires for your clinic service via our directory, we will send the leads to your inbox.

3. Book Appointment
Once you start getting bombarded by people wanting to look beautiful, all there’s left to do is to book an appointment with them and CLOSE PACKAGES!

Why Covid Recovery Booster™?

Up to 50% cost savings

A lead generation campaign by an agency will cost at least $3000-4000 per month. They typically buy paid media such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, which is costly by nature.

Covid Recovery Booster™ allows you to leverage onto the strong SEO of our website that drives leads at low cost, hence we are able to offer you good quality leads affordably

Unlimited number of leads

Our Covid Recovery Booster gives you all the leads that we receive on our directory. Once you are enrolled onto our Standard or Premium service, we will send you all the leads we receive with no cap at all!

We adhere to PHMC regulations

What You Get

Unlimited High Quality Leads

Affordable Fees

Money-Back Guarantee

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*Updated 01 Feb 2023*
Questions You Might Have

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Who should engage this service?
Owners of aesthetic clinic, or anyone who is in charge of marketing, business development of aesthetic clinics.
Can you guarantee that I convert these leads?
While we can bring you the leads, the converting of clients will be up to the salesperson and not within our control or influence. You still need some following up and selling skills to convert these leads.
Where do the leads generated come from? How do we know if they are quality leads?

Most of the leads come from the directory of our portal. Our SEO team will optimise your clinic listing to rank high up in the SEO search results. Due to the strong SEO nature of our website, topics relating to health and medical tend to rank faster. 

Can i ask for a refund if i don’t like the service?

Yes, you can. Our money-back guarantee applies within 1-month of you being enrolled onto the Covid Recovery Booster program. Simply write to to inform us that you like to opt our of the lead generation program.  

Is this plan expensive?

Not at all. Pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc. do not come cheap. In fact, it would be far more costly if you were to do these yourself, incurring not just money but time as well.

Our lead generation campaign allows you to leverage onto the strong SEO of our website that drives leads at low cost, hence we are able to offer you good quality leads affordably