Coronavirus real-time updates

Coronavirus real-time updates

Currently infected

Total deaths

Total recovered

Breakdown (Currently infected)

Hong Kong: 676
Hubei: 401
Taiwan: 308
Beijing: 116
Shanghai: 123
Guangdong: 108

<100 unavailable 

Top 3 countries
Iran: 30,867
Turkey: 35,568
Israel: 8906

Top 5 countries
Italy: 95,727
Spain: 89,187
Germany: 56169
France: 50,466
UK: 53,501

Top 2 countries
United States: 393,505
Canada: 16,074

Patient stories (Shirley): stroke and diabetes

Diabetes and stroke interlinked According to the National Registry of Diseases Office, 2 in 5 stroke victims were diabetic in Singapore. In this episode of Patient Stories, we interview Shirley who shares with us her experience suffering from diabetes and having gone...

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