Coronavirus: Recovery rate surpasses death rate

Coronavirus: Recovery rate surpasses death rate

Recovered cases


Situation might be approaching its peak

Since the 1 February, the number of recovered cases have surpassed the number of deaths. This is a sign that medical facilities are having the situation under control and improvements have been vast over the last few weeks. Schools in Shanghai will only reopen by the month of March 2020, as announced by state mayor Yong Ying. Most companies are having work from home arrangement to reduce the risk of employees coming in contact with the virus. Several images were circulated online showing the emptiness of chinese cities, describing them as “ghost towns”.  

The coronavirus is well-controlled from escalating into a global pandemic

The total number of infected cases globally is at 28,289 with China taking 28,074 which is 99.2% of the overall number. Hence, no other countries apart from China has gone into an outbreak/epidemic mode yet. The majority of the infection are travel-related. This trend seems to continue and the virus is expected to be kept within the China community. 

A total of 1,153 patients infected with coronavirus have been discharged from hospital after recovering, Chinese health authorities announced on today. On Wednesday, 261 people walked out of the hospital upon recovery, the National Health Commission said in its daily report.