Covid-19 Update: Record high 728 New cases on 16 April

Covid-19 Update: Record high 728 New cases on 16 April

728 new cases on 16 April

The daily new cases today was reported to be at 728, according to the MOH situation report of Covid-19. This brings the overall number of infected cases in Singapore to be  4427

81% are linked to previously identified clusters 

81% of today’s new cases are linked to previously identified clusters, with 654 from foreign workers’ dormitories. The remaining is still under contact tracing. 

Today, a 9th worker dormitory (Mandai lodge) was declared an isolation area after a cluster of cases were identified there. 

Strict enforcement on violators of Covid-19 measures

 A man pleaded guilty for breaching his stay-home notice today. He went out to run errands and eat bak kut teh despite being put on the SHN. 

Another 34-year-old man was charged in court for not going home immediately upon returning to Singapore and when he finally went home, he did not stay. He went out of his home several times over 4 hours. 

From Monday to Wednesday, there were 19 enforcement action taken against people for violating safe-distancing requirements at markets and hawker centres, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA)

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