Renaye & Paul of Alchemy Consultancy Services tells you what to do and what not to do with your mole.

What do Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and TVB actress Nancy Sit have in common? If you guessed their famous mole – you’re right.

They come in all shapes and sizes but it’s general opinion that they are not really attractive to have; especially of all places, on the face.

But it seems that mole have a peculiar nature, and when celebrities reach iconic status and their moles become part of their distinguishing feature, people started changing their opinions about the dark spots.

A well known feature in physiognomy (face-reading), moles can not only affect the way you look, but apparently your life as well! With surgery and make-up, one can easily remove them for cosmetic reason, but you might wish to consult our list provided by Alchemy Consultancy Services to see if it might be a good idea to leave them on – and hopefully have as blessed a life as the above celebrities.


Moles on the forehead can usually be covered by our hair, but if your relationship with family is not the greatest, it might be a good idea to remove it. For guys, it’ll keep you distant from your family, both physically as well as emotionally. Also, you might find it hard to get recognition from superiors at work. As for ladies, you get good fortune – but in exchange for a poor romantic relationship. But if it’s close to the hairline, then it will attract wealth!

Remove it? – Unless it’s near the hairline, we say yes!


It’s a little hidden but you might want to get someone to search through your locks for a mole on your head. Having one means an extra boost of good luck and it can even turn misfortune aside and create a good thing from the bad! Amazing!

Remove it? No! Keep it!


If you have moles on your chin, you might want to see if it’s a faint or well-formed mole. if faint, you are not going to have a very stable life, constantly relocating and even job-hopping. But if it’s nice spot, as you reach middle-age, your life will improve with better luck, and you will enjoy a good relationship with your kids when you have them.

Remove it? Only if it’s faint or an odd shape.


High cheekbones are great but moles? Not so much. The good thing is that you’re an independent and conscientious worker. Your dedication at work might be marred by your lack of PR skills and your EQ with colleagues can land you in disfavour. You will come across self-centred. A mole here also attracts lawsuits.

Remove it? Yes please.


With ears, if you have a mole on the back, be prepared for a poor relationship with your parents. This applies if you have it at the top of your ears too. If it’s near the middle, you’ll be easily taken advantage of by people around you. And if it’s at the bottom, you won’t have much luck with money.

Remove it? We say yes.


When it comes to moles at the end of your eyes, it’s a double-edged sword. On one hand you’ll have plenty of luck with people of the same sex. With the opposite, you’ll appear attractive, charming and flirtatious. This unfortunately can backfire, and make you “dabble” even when you’re committed. First marriages can be fraught with difficulties. If the mole is especially black and even a little glossy, you’ll gain enough favour from the opposite gender that it’ll really help with networking, but beware of being paranoid in your relationships. If the mole is below the eyes, you’ll experience rocky marriages and partners that are either infidel or will leave the relationship.

Remove it? Generally, yes.


If you’ve got a mole in your eyebrows, congratulations! No matter on the left or right, having one in your brows portent good luck and longevity. You are also a diligent and responsible worker, and you’re charitable to boot! If the mole is especially well-shaped and dark, then you’ll easily get support from the people around you.

Remove it? No way!


The placement of the mole on your nose will affect its influence. At the side, it’s not great for work. Career advancement will be slow and it’ll be hard to gain trust from colleagues. Your financial state will always be unstable due to your spendthrift habits though this will improve with age. If near your nostrils, especially for women, your hormones will be unstable resulting in mood swings and irregular periods. If along the length of the nose, watch out for physical ailments with your gastric and spine.

Remove it? Yes!


Lips are a common area for moles to appear. If you’ve got it above your lip, you’ll find it easy to make friends but your romantic relationships might be a little turbulent. Sporting at the ends of the mouth, you’ll tend to attract gossip and be a little argumentative. If below, you’ll be a great cook, though a fussy eater, and you’ll be a nurturing figure to the family. Although you’ll attract a lot of attention from the opposite gender, take care that it doesn’t get you into complicated situations.

Remove it? This is dependant on the influence you want to keep but generally, yes, especially if the negative ones are keenly felt.

Moles can be bane or blessings, but one thing’s for sure – we recommend getting professional removal to prevent infections and unsightly scars! Now that is definitely not a good thing by any tradition!