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What is FM Pay4u?

We pay for you first

Everyone deserves to look beautiful, handsome, young and slim. However, the cost of aesthetic treatments can get quite costly because of its recognised efficacy.

Fret not! At FM Pay4u, we foot the bill for you first. You repay to us over a period of 12 months (up to) in the most comfortable and easy manner! In short, we heavily reduce the cost barrier for you. 



No interest, no fees

Utilising FM Pay4u does not affect your personal credit score. Your credit limit will not be affected. Compared to paying with a credit card, FM Pay4u does not charge interest and fees. You repay only the principal amount to us on a monthly repayment basis

As we heavily reduce the cost barrier, this would enable you to achieve higher beauty goals. 

Supported by leading financial institutions

How it works

1. Tell us the amount

In the request form, tell us the amount that your preferred clinic has quoted you. 

2. Select repayment period

Up to 12 months of repayment period available to ease your cashflow.

3. Go for the treatment

Approval is almost instant. Once we have given the approval, you may proceed to arrange for your treatment

What users say about FM Pay4u

Kelly Wang

Kelly Wang

Marketing Manager

I have always wanted to take up more treatments but they are always very costly. I started using FM Pay4u and now i can take up all the treatments that i have always wanted while letting me repay back in installments of small amounts. 

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*Updated 21 Sep 2023*
Questions You Might Have

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Who should utilise this service?

Anyone who goes for medical aesthetic treatments at an affiliated aesthetic clinic of Fairymarraine.

Are there any hidden cost?

Absolutely ZERO hidden cost. You only pay for what you owe to us without any interest or fees.