Fat freeze: No more frustration with stubborn fats!

Have you been suffering from frustrating love handles? Have you tried all ways and means to eliminate fat to little or no avail? Fret not! With the development of Fat freeze, you solve this life hogging frustration with cool temperature!

What is fat freeze?

Fat freeze, also known as Cryolipolysis is a technology developed in Harvard to kill fat cells with minimal pain and invasion to our body. If you like to eliminate stubborn fats on your body, fat freeze is a smart choice for you!

This procedure can only be administered by a medical doctor. A special gel will be applied onto your desired area to prevent frost bite and skin necrosis. A special machine will be used to calibrate your desired area, where cool temperature will be used to eliminate the fat cells.

One round of procedure typically takes 45min to one hour. A therapist should be present to massage the calibrated area. You may experience mild soreness, tingling. It will be common for the skin to appear red/sore which should disappear within 2 weeks.

What happens to the fat cells after being “frozen”?

The fat cells will be flushed out of your body by your natural immune system. The dead fat cells will be secreted through your urinte and faeces.

Where to get this treatment?

You can only get this treatment done at selected Aesthetic clinics by qualified doctors. Click here to get a list of doctors and clinics, and receive more information on pricing