Eye Bag Removal

Reduce dark circles caused by late nights

Eye Bag Removal

What is Eye Bag Removal?

In an eye bag surgery, the doctors remove and/or adjust fat under the eyes to eliminate the bags. Some patients also benefit from the removal of excess skin under the eyes during this procedure. This patient received lower eyelid surgery to remove her eye bags, and upper eyelid surgery to treat drooping eyelids.

Benefits of Eye Bag Removal

Look Less Tired

Reduces Wrinkles

Look Younger

Corrects Premature Aging

Improved Vision

Easier Make-up Application

FAQ on Eye Bag Removal

How are eyebags formed?

Our eyes are protected and cushioned by fats and will sags downwards in reaction to gravity overtime. This gradual sagging of fats is not apparent when we are younger. But as we age, reduction of collagen will result in the thin and delicate skin around the eyes to lose its elasticity and stretch. The weight of the fats from this downward pull will cause a pouch to form in time.

How much does an eye bag removal procedure cost?

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