Overate over CNY? Here’s how to undo the calories

Overate over CNY? Here’s how to undo the calories

Have you binged over Chinese New Year? Are you frustrated with all the unwanted calorie intake? Fret not! You are not alone. Many of us have the tendency to overeat during festive seasons. Thankfully, the advancement of research and technology has given us choices to fix these problems.

1 – Ezee Feel (Shit out all you eat)

What it does: Detox and let you pass out whatever you have eaten; body sculpting; weight loss

What it contains: Natural ingredients

Cost: S$22.90

Where to buy: Guardian Pharmacy

How to take: Mix the powder with 100-200ML of room temperature water in a shaker, shake well and drink before you sleep. Expect to have a strong “nature’s call” in the morning and BAM! You will pass it all out!

How often should i consume: If you are able to take it, try every night but not exceeding 3 days in a row.

2- HIIT Workout Routine (fat-burning workout in 20 minutes or less)

What is it: 30 seconds interval workout for 20min.

How to do it: 30 seconds of any cardio-based exercise(burpees, fast push ups, sprinting etc), followed by 30 seconds of rest. Repeat again and again for 20 minutes.

How often should i do it: As often as once a day, but NEVER right after you eat. If you feel breathless or unwell, stop immediately.


3 – Teas (How the chinamen do it)

Teas have some sort of magic magic since olden days. That is why many people are amazed with the lean torso of many mainlanders despite their high carbohydrate diet. It is said that tea contains polyphenols, for example, which aid the fat-burning process and stimulate weight loss.

Some well known tea types that stimulate weight loss/detox: Ayataka, oolong tea, pu erh tea

How often should i drink: Drink it together with every meal and you should notice a difference. For some people, drinking tea may cause insomnia after a certain time in the evening. Try not to take it after 7pm if you are sensitive to caffeine.

4 – Fat freeze(Do not try this at home)


What it does: Kills your targeted fat cells by freezing them through a technology called Cryolipolisis

What is it: Medical grade solution to eliminate fat cells

Who can do it: Only certified medical doctors who are trained in this procedure can do it for you.

Can i do it myself: NO! This can only be done with a special gel to protect your skin from getting frost bite/burns. DO NOT ATTEMPT ON YOUR OWN!

Where can i do it: Most aesthetic clinics in big cities carry the fat freeze machine. Look for a clinic that carries the machine, Zeltiq.

When can i do it: If you are unhappy with the calories accumulated over the CNY binge, you may do it at an aesthetic clinic after the CNY binge period.

Read more about fat freeze here – https://fairymarraine.com/weight-loss/fat-freeze/

5 – Walk & Walk (use up the calories after u eat)

How long should i walk: Try to walk at least 10 to 20 mins each time.

How much should i walk daily: As many times as you can

When should i walk: Recommended to alight a few bus stops or mrt stops before your usual stop, and walk the remaining distance home.

Pedometer: A Pedometer is recommended to be worn during this period so you can calculate and measure the amount of calories and steps you have taken for the day. Aim for 10,000 steps a day during this period to keep a slim body!

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