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Since its inception, Absolute Chiropractic has been recognized as the premier spinal corrective clinic in Singapore, offering the finest in chiropractic care and assisting our practice members in safely and effectively recovering from various conditions ranging from neck pain and headaches to scoliosis and disc bulges/herniations (slipped disc). Reach out to Absolute Chiropractic via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

07:10 21 Mar 20
Very welcoming and friendly environment. Both Dr Brad and Dr Steve are very professional and caring. They both pride themselves on giving their patients the best quality care and education about looking after their health. Highly recommend.
Toh Hung Wong
Toh Hung Wong
01:41 16 Mar 20
The two doctors are very professional keeping themselves updated with the latest knowledge and practices to keep up with the best treatment methods. I am truly happy with the treatments and am joining with my family members of wife and daughter together.
Jason Adams-Brown
Jason Adams-Brown
22:39 19 Sep 19
Absolute Chiropractic care was the best care I have ever had from any chiropractors I have ever used. They are very thorough and professional but also both doctors are very kind and friendly. They put you at ease and I can tell they love their jobs and really care for each patient. I was really sad to have to move away from Singapore and lose this place. You will not be disappointed.
Charlie Pek
Charlie Pek
06:02 15 Jan 19
Dr Brad and Dr Steven are very caring, patient and friendly doctors as they are professional. Under their care, my posture and health has improved drastically. I always walk out feeling refreshed and weight has been lifted off my body. They do not focus on symptomatic adjustments. They take a more holistic approach to correct and improve your health through corrective exercises and chiropractic adjustments as well as imparting tips on managing your lifestyle. Anybody looking to improve their health should have themselves check out by Dr Brad and Dr Steven. Thank you both for your excellent care and dedication Dr Brad and Dr Steven. 🙂
Susie Wee
Susie Wee
15:27 21 Jan 19
Excellent care and service from Dr Brad & Dr Steve. I’ve been going there for almost 2years now and see vast improvements to my posture and cured the headache I was having. Each session lasts 40-45mins which is a lot longer than most places and includes traction sessions that some do not. Great value for money and I highly recommended Absolute Chiropractic!
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About Absolute Chiropractic

Absolute Chiropractic is Singapore’s most advanced spinal rehabilitative and pain management clinic. It is also the first and one of the only clinics in Singapore with Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP® trained and certified doctors specializing in scientifically proven spinal corrective care.

1 Jalan Anak Bukit,
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