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Academy of Chiropractic Clinic is a unique clinic that utilizes a chiropractic method known as the Gonstead Method. Reach out to Academy of Chiropractic Clinic via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

Teck Boon
Teck Boon
02:40 30 Mar 19
I have been with Doctor William since 2011 and since then he has managed to help in one way or another, almost every member of my family. My mum who had a knee problem was all better when we realized that it was her hip that was causing the pain in her knee. After he fixed her up, she has been able to move around freely and chase after the grandkids. And she can not see him for months before she feels like she needs to come in for a quick visit. We are sure there are chiropractors out there who might be just as good, but William is the one we chose to put our trust in because for the last 8 years, he has always been genuinely concern about our well being.
Eric-Adam Gagnon
Eric-Adam Gagnon
02:44 03 Apr 19
USA trained chiropractor that tells you how it is. No fancy mic-Mac promises. I had numerous treatments and my general well-being is improving.
Parker Lim
Parker Lim
00:43 29 May 19
I have been to several chiropractic clinics before that offered various approaches to treat my back issues without looking at x-rays. Some even made me spent thousands of dollars doing all sorts of lab tests and taking supplements. I prefer Dr Choi’s Gonstead approach. I have seen him for several years now. He’s professional and most importantly, able to help me with my pain. Highly recommended.
Shahrom Shukor
Shahrom Shukor
09:56 16 Apr 19
A close friend of mine who had a bad case of nerve impingement at several spine locations introduced me to Academy of Chiropractic Clinic. My wife was about to go surgery then for the same reason. With God’s grace, true enough, after just a few sessions with Dr William, the pain in her right thigh miraculously subside. Great experience we had. Being professional and friendly, Dr William never fails to give detail explanation on what he is doing (about the correction and re-alignment of my wife’s spine and hip during the sessions).Best of all, the pain is not there anymore and it was made possible without surgery. I do like to advise those out there to try chiro sessions first (or for that matter, any other forms of conservative method first before committing to surgery). Let surgery be the only last resort if all fails.
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About Academy of Chiropractic Clinic

They offer professional chiropractic treatments, treating posture problems & chronic body pain aliments such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

30 Merchant Road #02-27
Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

6438 5051

Dr William Choi