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Central Chiropractic Singapore aims to provide a premium and private chiropractic experience for patients who wish to address both current and long-suffering issues and an overall answer to life-long mobility and optimal health. Reach out to Central Chiropractic Singapore via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

Nicholas Kam
Nicholas Kam
12:13 02 Oct 19
I have had adjustments with Dr Jesse for close to half a year and have felt my general well being improve a lot. I have noticed better recovery from my workouts and on top of that my sleep quality has improved as well. I highly recommend anyone who is having doubts about chiropractic care to give this a try. You’ll have no regrets and with Dr Jesse definitely a worthwhile experience!
Gleb Shabanov
Gleb Shabanov
10:31 02 Oct 19
Dr. Jesse Tim is an amazing professional and wonderful professional. It is my pleasure to have sessions with him
Lorraine Thomas
Lorraine Thomas
04:07 11 Jan 19
Had my first session with Jesse recently and had amazing results ever since. I've never been to a chiropractor before so I was quite skeptical at first but I had this pain in my back for over two months and since nothing worked to fix it I've decided to give chiropractic a go. My first session happened to fix more than my back, I've slept like a baby ever since and my posture keeps getting better after each session. Would highly recommend it!
zane nelson
zane nelson
10:06 23 Aug 19
Great Chiropractic Care. No fuss,very attentive and experienced chiro.I'm particularly fussy about my chiro care and Jesse ticked all my boxes. If you're looking for a great chiro, then do yourself a favour 👍
Kotryna Garsvaite
Kotryna Garsvaite
08:03 22 Dec 18
I found out about Chiropractic care and met Jesse when my health bottomed out, not just my spine was loosing it's natural healthy structure after years of chronic pain following the injury, but also my whole body was out of balance. I started adjustments with Jesse a year ago and continued with chiropractic care every week even when I moved countries later last year, and now not only my back pain is resolved, but I can clearly see in images that my neck got back its natural curve that was lost and surgeons said it is not gonna get better! On top of that combining with healthy lifestyle for my body and mind I am gaining back my overall strength and energy! There are quite a few aspects in balanced body and mind, and spinal structure is definitely one of them!
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About Central Chiropractic Singapore

Central Chiropractic focuses on the Neuro-Structural Balance of the spine. Their primary focus is the help achieve Structural and Neurological balance to help with the negative effects this may have on patients’ health.

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