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Chan Family Chiropractic aims to make a difference in their local community through chiropractic care. Reach out to Chan Family Chiropractic via the form below. 

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Fauzan Auburn
Fauzan Auburn
10:15 24 Jul 20
Very friendly doctors. Husband and wife runs it. Just them. Very honest, very direct, very objective and tries their best to fix the issue. Dont sell packages and even give a follow up text with examples or list of exercise i can do to strengthen certain core muscles. Solid.
02:53 18 May 20
I had knee issues, so much so that I could not kneel down completely. Dr Tracy and Dr Roy have been so helpful. They approach things from many angles, first, they adjust your spine, then the extremities, then they work on soft tissue. They also have shockwave, and some other laser treatments to help in recovery. They also do muscle testing, and check your nutritional deficiencies. They advise on stretching and exercise. This is done over a period of time. They facilitate the body's healing mechanisms and allow the body to heal itself. I am really happy with the results. Throughout the experience, I feel that they really care for the patient. I have brought most of my family there and introduced many friends. They deserve to be recognized.
05:26 08 Apr 20
Having to endure pain ever since my first pregnancy more than twenty years ago, I didn't think I could ever find a name, let alone a cure, for my ailment. However, after months of treatment by Dr Tracy, I was able to know the diagnosis. I felt very good knowing that I had gone to the right doctor - a chiropractor - for my ailment instead of going to a hospital or specialist clinic. Dr Tracy explains my condition well and the treatment I have received have helped me tremendously. I am truly thankful that I have been guided to seek treatment at Chan Family Chiropractic.I appreciate Dr Tracy's professional knowledge and her promptness in responding to my queries. Also, the location of the clinic is excellent. Dr Tracy, thank you so very much for all that you have done so far... my road to recovery is still a work-in-progress. Dr Tracy and Dr Roy, may you both always have happiness and good health to continue your good work to help people like me. Take care always.
Marilyn Liow
Marilyn Liow
00:43 17 Jul 20
Had chronic pain on my back which affected my day-to-day. For most people,sleep is to rest but sleep has been a torture to me for the longest time. I was active and doing Zumba, kick boxing, cycle and jog but everything came to a standstill when i was confirmed by Docs.that i have slip disc. Dr Roy Chan helped and fixed all my issues and I have since been able to have undisrupted sleep and back to cycling. Thank you Dr Roy Chan!
William Ong
William Ong
08:11 09 Jul 20
I have had a tight shoulder and neck for many years, probably due to my poor posture and long hours working in front of the computer. In recent years, I have also been experiencing frequent aches in my lower back region. All these affects the quality of my sleep and performance at work. It was by chance that I learnt from Dr Roy that Chiropractic treatment might help alleviate my aches and pains. After my first session with Dr Roy, my symptoms immediately showed improvements and the quality of my sleep also improved. I have since been under the care of Dr Roy and recommended several of my colleagues with slipped discs and other back alignment issues for consultation.
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Chan Family Chiropractic is the fulfilment of a dream by a husband and wife team, Dr. Roy Chan and Dr. Tracy Tan. The couple had always shared a personal life philosophy to improve the quality of life of others, to always make a difference in whatever they do.

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