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Since 1992, Chiropractic Care has been providing high quality and compassionate chiropractic care to people in Singapore including Singaporeans and expatriates. Reach out to Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd via the form below.

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John Goh
John Goh
05:53 01 May 19
Was formerly adjusted by Dr Wasserman. Was one of his first patient. However, he has retired and sold his practice! Dr Sean adjusted me 2 days ago GREAT GUY! R E L I E F!!
WK Yung
WK Yung
10:56 27 Jul 19
Great thanks & appreciation to Dr Vismai, assistant Arthur & Christine. Thru consistent adjustment & decompression treatment, those pains from my spine/joints/ neck / back /muscle being eliminated in a subtle but effective way. Add to denneroll exercise for my neck, my posture is improved so much that I can stand and walk painlessly and run to the bus without loss of breath. My spine is rejuvenated so to my internal system. I experienced an amazing improvement in my whole spine and aligned posture. Highly recommend to those who has quietly suffered and aims for pain-free physical movements.
Wen Sheng Oh
Wen Sheng Oh
10:58 20 May 18
Really good! One of the better chiropractors around. Got my hip treated in 5-6 session. Almost instant relief after the adjustments. Highly recommended!
Terence Goh
Terence Goh
07:34 25 Dec 17
Have been going to Chiropractic Care and receiving treatment from Dr Robert Wasserman for more than two decades. Was treated for different ailments over this period. Most notable was his helping me with my kneecap which had shifted. Orthopaedic surgeon couldn't do anything except wait to see if needed to operate. The physiotherapist was useless. He managed to treat it and shift it back without any invasive surgery. Had to go back for a few treatments now and then to maintain. He also treated my Haglunds Deformity and I can wear normal shoes again. Excellent.
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About Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd

Since 1992, their chiropractic care center has been a place of healing and hope for those in Tanglin and Singapore. Their modern practice is well known in the city.

19 Tanglin Road #04-19
Singapore, 247909

6738 9142

Dr Sean Kirke