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Chiropractic Solutions Group’s (CSG) commitment to patients is to deliver high quality chiropractic care paired with an excellent holistic experience. Reach out to Chiropractic Solutions Group via the form below. 

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Luiz Pessanha
Luiz Pessanha
07:27 27 Jun 20
I highly recommend this clinic! I exercise 5 times per week and sit all day long for work. That caused me lower back pain and this is why I decided to look for a chiropractor. The results have been fantastic! The treatment is very efficient to relieve pain in the short term and to provide a sustainable health improvement. Since the first consultation, Doctor Sean was very helpful on listening to my case, making recommendations and adjusting my body for instant relief. The whole staff is very friendly and professional. I love the positivity of all the team!
Sally Dew
Sally Dew
06:16 10 Jul 20
I am very grateful to Dr Sean for treating my dad. Dad was suffering from shoulder, knee and elbow pain. His discomfort has been torturing him for years causing him to be despressed at times. After 3 months of regular Chiropractic care, his condition improved drastically. Dad became much happier, his posture improved and our family couldn't be happier for him. I thank Dr Sean for exceeding expectations and providing the best care for his patients. We are so lucky to have him in the Chiropractic world! I highly recommend everyone to seek Chiropractic care for improving health and well-being.
Bettina Lim
Bettina Lim
06:03 20 Jul 20
Dr Sean was able to help correct and relieve my right forearm pain injured over 10 yrs ago. More recently, bring awareness to optimum posture while performing simple housework like dish washing. Din realise posture of such small menial task can bring about back pain.I am now more aware of changes in my body movements.Thank you Dr Sean, for improving my general well being. My chiro hero!
Thuyen Phan
Thuyen Phan
04:30 25 Jun 20
Highly recommend Dr Sean, he is really friendly, professional, and helpful. I had been doing weight training long before going to Chiropractic and even though I always pay attention to postures, I always noticed a bias in my body. With the help of Dr Sean, now I was able to maintain my balance and do even better with my training.
L Buck
L Buck
04:27 29 Feb 20
What a great clinic. Excellent friendly staff and very knowledgeable doctors with good energy and knowledge. As a yacht captain I travel continuously and have experienced many different clinics including others in Singapore. I return to chiropractor solutions when I can because of their care. You are tested as the person compared to other larger clinics in the area where you are services by multiple doctors with little personalized service. The clinic is also very accessible being in Harbourfront and subway accessible. Or grab to Harry’s pub and go up to flights of escalators (pro tip).
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They are Singapore’s Trusted Centre for corrective chiropractic care. The team of experienced chiropractors delivers professionalism, honesty, and a high level of standard and care.

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