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ChiroWorks is a family, sports and wellness chiropractic clinic in Orchard Road, Singapore specialising in pain relief and peak performance. Reach out to ChiroWorks by Dr Gary Tho via the form below. Reach out to ChiroWorks by Dr Gary Tho via the form below.

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Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
07:13 01 Jul 20
I'd never been to a chiropractor before visiting Dr. Gary, but I had finally reached my tolerance limit with my chronic neck and back pain. I've now had 6 sessions with Dr. Gary and I try to go every few weeks. Not only do the regular adjustments help relieve my pain, but I've always enjoyed the personal coaching from Dr. Gary on small exercises I can do from home to supplement the treatment. For anyone with a similar story, I would certainly recommend Dr. Gary.
Muhd Bazli
Muhd Bazli
02:48 23 Feb 20
Dr Gary is fantastic! Been having a persistent ankle injury due to years of football and a serious ligament tear. A visit to him and i can immediately feel the difference. He is informative, assuring, calming and knowledgable. I would definitely go back to him for more treatments.God bless and i wish more success for your buisness!!
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee
14:43 16 Oct 19
Due to my poor posture, I always have stiffness in my shoulder areas and my back to the extend I can’t sleep properly on some days. My sister referred me to Dr Gary. My first visit to Dr Gary provided me with so much relief! Amazing! Just one visit! Each and every time I go for a tune up, my body feels as good as new:-). There was another time when I coughed so hard and pulled my muscles, could not walk properly and sleep after. After Dr Gary fixed me up, voila! I could walk out of his clinic without any pain. And I slept very well that night.Thank you very much Dr Gary!
Jolin Chen
Jolin Chen
04:37 02 Sep 19
From my very first visit at Chiroworks just a short month ago, I was instantly relieved of my persistent lower back/ butt soreness from a squatting injury that I had endured for almost 2 years.I now visit Dr Gary every week, sometimes twice a week. My overall standard of living has significantly increased since then.What is special about Dr Gary is his affability and meticulousness. He has a keen read of his patients' responses and moods, and is always adapting to the same. It does not matter if you are extremely extraverted like me, or very introverted and shy about being examined or touched by a practitioner, or feel very sensitive in certain injured areas of your body. He explains what he is doing, step by step, clearly and with optimism. No matter who you are and what your pain is, you can rest assured that you'll be in good hands with Dr Gary.
11:01 20 Aug 19
Besides being able to get everything back in alignment, Gary has helped me manage the lower back issues I have with really good advice on stretching. Two thumbs up 👍 👍
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ChiroWorks specializes in muscle & joint pain conditions for athletes, kids, adults & the elderly to help them feel great.

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