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Concierge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation prides itself on offering the best chiropractic, soft tissue, and rehabilitative care possible. Reach out to Concierge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation via the form below. 

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Lee Hong Rui
Lee Hong Rui
05:01 24 Nov 17
I came here to resolve my headache and stiff problem which had been bothering me for the past 3 years. After seeing various doctors in polyclinics and A&Es, all they could do is give me pain killers for temporary relieve.I went online to search for other solutions. Went for chinese medicine deep tissue massage, bought various massager for foot reflexology and neck massagers, had my own massage chair at home, all did not solve my problem.As I saw a online discount voucher with this chiropractic. Did some research and understand that chiropractic might be the solution when western medicines fail. During the first visit, doctor Dylan was very professional and friendly, he is able to diagnose the potential issues by looking and touching the spine. After the initial adjustment, I had slight headache that night, after that one headache for the first week, subsequently zero headache. I continued my treatment and my stiff neck is slowly fading away. I am very happy person now because I am able to live my live without pain.
Ash Goh
Ash Goh
15:06 04 Dec 18
Very effective treatment by Dr Dylan. Receptionist is also very helpful and pleasant. Highly recommended.
bear kea
bear kea
15:17 14 Oct 18
Amazing doctor, fantastic staff. Knows how to get to the root of the problem with the Gonstead treatment method and knows when to refer patients not suitable for treatment. Thank you so very much Doc! My family and I look forward to your return soon!!! As you say, "reset, realign and restart!" Cheers! The Gengo family!!!
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell
21:39 29 Aug 17
Dr. Dylan and his staff are phenomenal in all ways, the customer service was incredible and it was an all around great experience. Would definitely recommend.
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Concierge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is the office of Dr. Dylan Altfeld, offering quality chiropractic and rehabilitative services in a caring, compassionate, and warm environment.

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