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Dr. Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic uses the industry’s reliable modern method procedures and advance technology to achieve the best cosmetic solution for the human body. Reach out to Dr. Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic via the form below.

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Laura Tan
Laura Tan
05:19 06 Dec 18
Dr Valentin is skilled and attentive. He is willing to spend time to understand my concerns. His facial laser treatments are reasonable in price and showed results that were beyond my expectations. Only thing is if only paragon car park can be cheaper...
Nina Seetoh
Nina Seetoh
15:42 03 Nov 18
I gave birth to my #2 in last year April and it has been so difficult to lose my pregnancy weight. Many told me that breastfeeding will make me lose weight but it doesn’t happen this way for me. I felt so depressed when my #1 poke at my loose tummy and said that I am having a baby. I googled for slimming solutions and I came across Dr Valentin’s website. I decided to visit his clinic after I spoken to his customer service staff as she sounded helpful and too not aggressive. I am glad that I have made the right choice because the slimming package was to my budget and I am able to see visible overall reduction. From my post pregnancy size UK14, I can now fit into a UK10. My aim is to wear back my UK8.
Dean Leung
Dean Leung
05:07 27 Oct 18
not a good experience with them. went there for freckle pico laser. first of all, no complete skin check before treatment, just told me 3 times my freckle will be removed completely. had 3 times pico laser but i can't see there is any improvement indeed, doctor can't tell the reason, just tell me maybe the freckle is too deep, then why doctor never did a check on what kinda freckle and how deep the freckle is? so.....u can see lack of professionalism here. Initially i purchased 2 cream @500+, but my friend told me not necessary coz it does not really help to remove freckles, and there is no ingredient label at all. When i wanted to refund on the following week, they deducted 10% from the original amount, 7% GST + 3% credit card charges, quite ridiculous, receptionist told me some funny story that they have filed GST, i wonder who file GST weekly??? It is small money, but i feel bad to pay unreasonable $$$.Anyway, to me, i dun feel the professionalism, totally not recommend, you should do a lot of research and compare with other clinics before signing any package.
Kim Tan
Kim Tan
03:12 05 Apr 18
I have been doing my usual laser, botox and filler with Dr Valentin for so many years. Never once I was disappointed and I have been a very happy patient for all these years. I do recommend Dr Valentin to my friends who are looking for serious results. An experienced Dr, his friendly staffs and good results matter very much to me.
Lenny Kurniawati
Lenny Kurniawati
08:21 21 Feb 18
A series of five laser treatments at Dr Valentin Low's clinic @Paragon cleared my blotches of pigmentation that had been disturbing me for the past 6 years!Would recommend this clinic to those who are struggling with pigments. The doctor is very professional, the staff are friendly and most importantly the charges are affordable.
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Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic provides a wide range of aesthetic services to enhance patients’ total wellbeing using the latest technologies tailored to their individual needs.

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