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At Equilibrio Chiropractic, they understand that everyone is unique and has a different entity. Hence to achieve a balanced spine and health, each person will require a different treatment approach. Reach out to Equilibrio Chiropractic via the form below. 

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Mdsham Jamil
Mdsham Jamil
02:48 24 Jun 20
Having spine, lower back & upper back discomfort for months until I get treatment from Dr Brian... now after few treatment session,I'm feel much better & refresh.Thank you Dr Brian & his staff.
Terry Tang
Terry Tang
08:42 06 Jun 20
I was having frequent migraine attack coupled with neck & shoulder stiffness which affected quality of life until I received treatment from Dr Bryan. Under his care, my migraine attack reduced significantly and I was able to achieve better sleep.
Sandra Soh
Sandra Soh
09:20 06 Jun 20
Thank you Dr Bryan, my prolonged pain at my lower back is now in a much better condition as compared to previously. Also my 6 years old son's posture have improved as well.
wei qiang Chan
wei qiang Chan
05:33 02 Jul 20
Was served by Dr Bryan, very professional, had a very tensed back due to prolong driving / sitting / bad posture maybe due to slouching, but that wasn't a issue anymore, 2 treatments and I'm feeling so much better, initially very sceptical as I've never tried it before, I walked out the clinic feeling brand new, highly recommended!
kim jun
kim jun
02:55 07 Jun 20
Dr Shasha is good adviser..She explained well..The front staff also very helpful..
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At Equilibrio Chiropractic, they believe in achieving “Balance”, where every single parts of the body system are in harmony, and in-sync with each other like a well conducted orchestra

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