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Essential Chiropractic And Functional Medicine Centre strives to deliver comprehensive healthcare management that address different aspects of patients’ health using a wide variety of appropriate assessment and treatment methods that are on the cutting edge of science. Reach out to Essential Chiropractic And Functional Medicine Centre via the form below. 

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arleen schumann
arleen schumann
14:28 22 Nov 19
I presented with a reverse neck curve when I first saw Dr Chew. He helped me restore my neck curve within only 23 visits - fast given the extent of my misalignment.Dr Chew’s patient centred approach means that he listens well to his patients’ concerns and tries to achieve the best outcome for them. His application of the CBP protocols is thorough, precise and effective. He is trustworthy and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with issues involving the spine (and have already done so).
Julia Riegel
Julia Riegel
11:17 09 Dec 19
Doctor Chew is a great chiropractor. He spots the pain and heal it straight away.He is a great active listener and take the time needed to solve your issues.
Yong How Chin
Yong How Chin
06:54 05 Mar 20
Very good treatment and improved my scoliosis problem.
23:53 11 Mar 18
Have been visiting Dr Chew for over a month. My initial visit was trying relieve the shoulder blades ache that I have been experience forever and also lower back discomfort that hits me, on and off.During the first consultation, he talked me through his diagnosis on the reason for my discomfortness, and thoroghly at the xray report consultation. One thing I am very thankful for is he explained in a easily understandable way, and would simplify it even further when I gave him a blank look.During adjustments, he would always assure if it is ok, and if I am feeling uncomfortable any where else. He would explain the reason for it, and teaches me a few do-at-home stretches to relieve the discomfortness.I am very thankful to Dr Chew that my shoulder blades are aching way lesser as compared to before. As for my back, the adjustments done and stretches learned very much help to reduce the discomfort when it hits.
Miuvo Massagers
Miuvo Massagers
07:45 16 May 18
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Essential Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Centre is founded with the vision to provide patient-centered, science-based approach for optimal healing.

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