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Coupled with many years of specialists’ experience and modern diagnostics technology, the doctors at Eye Care Clinic offer a full range eye service to diagnose and treat eye diseases. Reach out to Eye Care Clinic via the form below.

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Disney Fan
Disney Fan
10:17 10 Mar 20
Dear Dr Ho and Staff at Eye Care Clinic,I am writing this review in the hope that it can be shared with more patients. My child started seeing Dr Ho since Primary School for the purpose of myopia control. It has been approximately eight years since we have been with Dr Ho and throughout this period, Dr Ho has demonstrated professionalism, care and sincerity in each of his sessions with us.Dr Ho is clearly an outstanding ophthalmologist. He shared information with us voluntarily and was obviously experienced in his field of ophthalmology. In each of our sessions with Dr Ho, he was always kind and willing to listen to our concerns. More importantly, Dr Ho was sincere in wanting to provide the best care for his patients. He never failed to share with us how our treatment plan was progressing and it was comforting for us to learn that there were positive results awaiting us through the years under Dr Ho’s care. Despite his achievements and experience in the field of ophthalmology, Dr Ho remained humble and earnest. This genuine concern he has for his patients is admirable and appreciated. The staff at Dr Ho’s clinic work collaboratively to ensure the smooth running of the clinic. They have always remained professional within the clinic setting itself and also in my tele-conversations with them, outside the clinic setting. The manner in which they manage patients as well as the interactions they have amongst themselves clearly shows that they enjoy their jobs and like Dr Ho, are motivated to give off their best for their patients.My family is grateful that we have been under the care of Dr Ho and his staff at Eye Care Clinic all these years. I am sure that given their expertise in the field of ophthalmology and their genuine desire to help patients, more individuals can continue to benefit from their services.
06:34 15 Jul 17
I have been wanting to write this testimonial praising Dr. Ho for over 13 years, but never found the courage to do so. I feel so happy with my Lasik operation that I have to tell everyone!! Over 13 years ago I made a decision that was one of the best I've ever made. I decided to take my relative's advice of using Lasik to get rid of my eye glasses. I was not going to let anyone cut my eyes, but he said something that changed my mind - Lasik only takes 5 mins per eye and will heal COMPLETELY in couple of days. Since it is outpatient, I'm "In and out" in mins!! (I heard that today's technology is even better and faster.)Most importantly, he highly recommended one of the best eye surgeons – Dr. Tony Ho. He has reputation of having “God’s hands”. His success is such that other opticians can’t detect anything abnormal in eyes that have been operated on (as they were cut by “God’s hands”). In contrast most eye surgeons will leave signs of post-operation trauma, such as red eyes – which the medical profession considers as “normal”. I don’t want post-operation trauma nor any nasty surprises when it comes to my eyes, so I’m willing to pay for the best. Good news - Dr. Ho charges reasonable fees as he enjoys helping heal as many people as possible! (His waiting room is crowded for that reason. I guess if I was a billionaire I would extra if to get special priority).I was 48 back then with 550 short sightedness in both eyes. My astigmatism was about 125. The first good news: my vision after Lasik improved toRight: -50/ -50 x 10Left: -100 /0 no astigmatismWhy didn’t Dr. Ho cut my eyes perfect? It was a choice he gave me. I chosed to get less than perfect vision. Why? To compensate for long sightedness that my eyes will succumb to, as I age. I’m a software programmer and it was more important for me to be able to read small letters up close than to see distant objects clearly. Having some short sightedness helps me to read up close! The 2nd good news is that I could read small letters in food labels up until recently!! In contrast my wife had to use magnifying or reading glasses for the past 9 years.I was worried daily that my vision would deteriorate as I age. The third good news is that, today – 13 years later at age 61- I am still enjoying almost perfect vision! Dr. Ho checked my eyes last month and they are now:Right: -50/ 0 no astigmatism Left: -100 / -25 At age 61 I can read books and most food labels without glasses!! That’s amazing vision – considering that I abuse my eyes by staring and read computer screens all day till late at night – everyday!I thank God for his great gift of great vision and for Dr. Ho!There is one sad news – Dr. Ho detected beginnings of cataracts. In 5 year’s time when I need a cataract operation, you can bet that I will not trust my eyes to anyone else but Dr. Ho!
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Eye Care Clinic was founded in 1993 by Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Tony Ho as a private specialist eye clinic to provide full-range of quality eye care. The clinic is strategically located in the hub of Orchard Road at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, allowing it to have patient visits from Singapore and internationally.

#03-08 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510

6733 5188

Dr Tony Ho

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