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Genesis Chiropractic helps patients counter the stresses of life by empowering them to make smart choices for lasting health and wellness from within. Reach out to Genesis Chiropractic via the form below. Reach out to Genesis Chiropractic via the form below.

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Gester Anne Ragragio
Gester Anne Ragragio
09:14 27 Nov 19
I have been suffering from back problem for almost a year and a half and Dr. Travis did a great job in fixing that problem. He's very professional and knows what things that needs to be done. He's been a great help to me and my family. Kudos to him and his staff!
Clinton Tan
Clinton Tan
11:26 27 Nov 19
Dr Travis is professional in listening my issues (neck and back) which made me to take up chiropractic to adjust and i made good progress on my health issues, after few visit, my headache is getting lesser and overall health is much better.
Wei Cong Chong
Wei Cong Chong
01:19 28 Nov 19
Been here almost for a year. I’m glad that I had my posture habit adjusted and also the stiffness/ache being relieved a lot.
Joel Tham
Joel Tham
08:13 28 Nov 19
Great place for chiropractic practices!Recommended!
Patricia Phan
Patricia Phan
09:28 10 Dec 18
Great convenient location and professional care in a holistic approach. I wasn’t even aware of any serious long term issues as I have no permanent pain except for an occurence of a nerve pinching in my neck after an aerial yoga session where I may have pulled something. In doubt I went for a consultation and discovered there more issues than meets the ordinary eye especially after the x-rays. Well worth a check even if you feel no pain!
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At Genesis Chiropractic, the goal for every practice member is to stimulate their true health potential by integrating chiropractic care and lifestyle services.

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