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Jerry Tan Eye Surgery’s aim of LASIK surgery is to provide very good vision with the fewest side effects possible. Reach out to Jerry Tan Eye Surgery via the form below.

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What Customers Say

Angel Ang
Angel Ang
03:41 11 Feb 20
Friendly, detailed and experienced doctor and staffs who give valuable advise and suggestions.
Mork Heng
Mork Heng
12:45 16 Feb 17
They do customised lasik....not commonly available around 🙂
Maki Watanabe
Maki Watanabe
05:05 23 Apr 19
Simply the best eye doctor I've ever found. Dr. Tan doesn't mind spending time to carefully explain about patients' condition and he finds the best up-to-date treatments. Very different from all other doctors in Singapore where consultation takes 5 to 10 min max. The first consultation can take up to 2 hours among waiting time and all exams. It's pricey but if you have a serious eye problem, definitely Dr Tan is the one I recommend.
Tanka Olsen
Tanka Olsen
17:14 31 Mar 19
Dr Jerry Tan has been our most trusted eye surgeon for more than a decade. When I had to have my cataract surgery done last year, he was the obvious go-to surgeon of choice. With all his experience, knowledge, passion, skills-set, and patience, absolutely no reason for us to take any risk with another practitioner. The outcome of the surgery was as expected, my eye sight is now perfect and the recovery was uneventful!! It was worth all the money that we invested in restoring my eyesight to perfection. We took our first vacation post surgery, hunting for Aurora in the Arctic.......the explosion of colors (true colors finally!) was amazing, not forgetting the Pure White snow cloaked the landscape of Sweden and Norway, thanks to Dr Jerry Tan I certainly am enjoying quality of life!
Victor David
Victor David
05:55 26 Jun 19
The smartest person I have met in SIngapore! Very professional staff and famous world-class surgeon. I had amazing eye surgery with Dr. Tan and he cured my eyesight. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is the best! Knowledgable, patient, and kind. I can not imagine a better experience.
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About Jerry Tan Eye Surgery Pte Ltd

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery is all about ‘safety, quality, care and concern’, using advanced technology both for diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases.

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Dr Jerry Tan

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