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LGS International Chiropractic offers the best quality of genuine chiropractic care in Singapore. Optimizing the function ability of the spinal structure and the nervous system is their focus because these are the core systems of the body. Reach out to LGS International Chiropractic via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

00:16 11 Mar 20
I've tried many chiro and this is one of the best! She is very patient and will spend more time adjusting compared to other chiro. My body feels better after 1 session! 🙂 Will be great if there is a package in the future to lower the cost per session!
08:29 22 Oct 19
My lower back pain has been bothering me for years, it was cause by sport injuries and carrying my children in bad posture etc. I’ve tried all sorts of treatments but the pain will come back once I had a day long activity.My colleague recommended me Dr Wong, he said she is very professional, indeed she is. To me the clinic is not very accessible, but once I entered it, I found its a very cosy place.Before she started the treatment I went through a lot questions, particularly on how and when I hurt my back, even my posture during the incident.After that she asked me to stand still and checked my posture, took some photos, and checked my spine, there are a lot of miss alignment on my whole body, one leg is shorter. After the treatment she took some photos again for comparison, I did see some improvements on my posture immediately. I feel glad.Before I left she also remind me maintaining a good posture is very important. Something we all need constant reminders about!Overall I found doctor Wong is very professional and experienced, I would strongly recommend her to my friends.
Mavis Choi
Mavis Choi
16:51 21 Sep 19
Dr Curry Wong is very friendly, patient and professional. After a few sessions, my shoulders, spin and pelvic feel much better. She's highly recommended!
Hariharan V
Hariharan V
08:12 13 Dec 19
Good diagnosis and helped to reduce my back pain in two sessions ..very effective
Lam Lam
Lam Lam
09:45 21 Jul 19
I've been wondering why it is so hard for me to keep up a good posture, and I'll get tired easily on a short walk. I always found my back is hunched n stomach is out whenever I check up my pose, and no matter how hard and contant to change it, I just can't get the tenacity to correctly uphold my body for a longer while.I seeked chiropractic treatment information through the web, and I decided to consult Dr Wong because she'd a profound profile with qualification and credentials and experience, and I feel more comfortable to be treated by same gender.Dr Wong listened to me patiently, understood my concerns and provided explanation. She's very thorough in her treatment and paid attention on every details and rechecking the alignment and balances. It seems to me that how long the time she'd spent on each visit is of no concern to her as her goal is to render her professional treatment thoroughly.Ever since Dr Wong adjusted my spine and rib cage, I experienced better standing posture with ease, I'm able to straighten my back while I'm sitting down. And with a session of hip joints adjustment, my hip is able to rotate more smoothly. I love the changed sensational feeling of my body, and I feel the lightness and I walk faster than before.No regrets trying out chiropractic treatment and glad to find Dr Wong.
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LGS International Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic in Singapore that focuses on the health of the well being of patients with a patient-centric and drug-free approach.

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