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The health model that has been reinforced in our culture has been telling people what is wrong with them; Light Chiropractic wishes to remind patients what is right in them. Reach out to Light Chiropractic via the form below. 

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Therese Ayoub
Therese Ayoub
09:10 11 May 20
Shalom has been caring for my sons and I for several years now .He has treated us with sincere care and support throughout our treatments Our experience at Light Chiropractic and Wellness has been very therapeutic. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family..
Adrian Fadini
Adrian Fadini
03:42 23 May 18
Shalom is a truly profound individual that I believe will one day very soon be on a world stage teaching his methodology to chiropractors and healers all over the world. He has treated my friends, family and even my clients. I am so grateful to have met Shalom.
Hire Hospitality
Hire Hospitality
06:50 25 Mar 20
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Dr. Kieu is an experienced and highly skilled Chiropractor will get patients out of pain quicker saving time and number of visits to get out of pain.

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