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One Spine Chiropractic are experts in the treatment of neck and back aches and pains. They also specialize in treating headaches, disc herniations, pregnancy pains and sports injuries. Reach out to One Spine Chiropractic via the form below. 

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Priscilla Wee
Priscilla Wee
03:53 15 Jul 20
I have scoliosis and a bad posture and most recently, it has caused me to feel bad aches and discomfort (additionally I hated how it looked). I decided to take things in my own hands and researched about chiropractic. At first, I was skeptical and afraid it would hurt but I decided to try a trial session with Dr Melanie and she explained to me how she could help me and was really very nice, friendly and professional, making me feel really comfortable. It did not hurt like I feared and instead after just a few months, I was able to see huge improvements in my posture and my scoliosis curve has improved as well, this made the bad aches and discomfort I felt subside overtime. Really appreciate Dr Melanie for all she has done! 🙂
Brendan Dan Tjahjadi
Brendan Dan Tjahjadi
07:07 17 Jan 19
Dr Anthony is the most caring and knowledgeable Chiro I have ever been to. They care about their clients and ensure that I have treatment designed for me and my body, no matter what issue i am facing. The whole team is amazing and they always educate me on what is best for my body.
Elizabeth Rattham
Elizabeth Rattham
07:13 17 Jun 20
Following the circuit breaker, I went to see Dr Anthony as my pelvis and sacrum were out of position resulting in me experiencing much pain and generally feeling very uncomfortable. Dr Anthony was able to make the necessary adjustments very quickly and skilfully, and the relief was phenomenal. Dr Anthony has treated me for several years now for neck, spine and pelvis-related issues. He is an accomplished chiropractor and is very knowledgeable and professional. He is quick to find problems and resolve them, and knows exactly what exercises to give you to assist for long term recovery. You can’t beat the friendliness of Dr Anthony and the whole team, and I highly recommend One Spine Chiropractic!
Yasmin Jamal
Yasmin Jamal
12:14 31 May 20
The service rendered here by Dr Melanie is excellent. She is extremely patient, friendly, fun and professional all at the same time. As someone who suffered from major headaches and persistent back pain, I noticed significant changes even from the first visit. This is accomplished through a thorough x-ray examination, detailed explanation of my condition and accurate detection of my pain spots. Dr Melanie also taught me exercises that I can do at home to further treat my back pain. All in all, I highly recommend One Spine Chiropractic.
Phatchara PeROS
Phatchara PeROS
15:12 09 Jun 20
I had the lower back pain due to the sport from playing basketball. And when i first met Dr. Anthony he askes me in detail and analysis the course of my injury and where could be the place the injury came from. He gave me the suitable treament ,advice and exercise. And evertime i'm curious about something related to my injury,he always answered willingly and he is also friendly.He gave his best for treamnt to his patient.I started the treament on Febuary and end at april and it all went very well. My pain has lessened a lot and for the past 3 months since the begining of the treament.
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They are not “fixing” a problem, rather guiding the patient towards making a change. By doing this, they encourage patients to take the driver seat, take the wheel, and take control.

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