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At Pinnacle Chiropractic, they take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to their practice members. Reach out to Pinnacle Chiropractic via the form below. Reach out to Pinnacle Chiropractic via the form below.

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What Customers Say

Qusyairie Akmal
Qusyairie Akmal
11:57 19 Jun 20
I see my posture and health are improving. Thanks Dr Derek and Dr Janelle for the adjustments. The knowledge and advice given are important on your well-being.
Jia Hui Tan
Jia Hui Tan
11:02 05 Mar 20
Been coming here every week and now bi-weekly for a couple of years. Dr. Derek and Dr. Janelle are awesome for helping to improve my back and posture situation. The staffs are super friendly as well. Highly recommend!
Priscilla Tay
Priscilla Tay
11:48 03 Mar 20
I have been experiencing backaches for the LONGEST TIME that I have ever remembered due to heavy stuff during my student daze.I broke my ankle and had 8 screws when I first visited Pinnacle Chiropractic, limping into the office and was consulted by Dr Janelle.Fast forward till today, many months later, I could really felt that my backache has GONE! Like what the doctors in Pinnacle Chiropractic have taught in their various workshops which I attended. Doctors only correct Subluxation, but the HEALING comes from within the body.I am really glad I found Pinnacle Chiropractic and I know that I will continue to be healthy as long as I am discipline in doing my traction exercises and consistent in my adjustments as recommended by the doctors at here.Thank you Dr Janelle and Dr Derek! See you in my next adjustment!
Liana Liauw
Liana Liauw
07:24 19 Dec 19
My posture and neck problem is improving so much (I can see the result from before and after from the x-ray). I just amazed by it !And since I started adjustment regularly at Pinnacle Chiropractic. I can sleep well and it affects my whole well being.Thank you so much for a good and friendly service to all the staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic and to Dr. Derek thank you for adjusting my spine to a healthy one !
Corry Dog
Corry Dog
06:45 05 Mar 20
Started 3 years ago and saw big improvement in my posture and able to focus better in school and got less sick over time. Will recommend to those whose posture is unhealthy
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Their qualified chiropractic clinical assistants have been professionally trained to serve each person with excellent customer service and technical skill.

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