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Jun Jie Chris
Jun Jie Chris
02:06 19 Jan 21
Special thanks to dr shens and his amazing team of attentive staff who took care of me during a 2-3 (??) hour operation. From delivering extra medicine to my doorstep (lost them during the ride back in a folly of clumsiness) to daily texting me to check on my condition - I couldn't be more thankful.It's been nearly a month since the procedure and I must say the results are really looking good. Thanks to the doctor's meticulousness and skills, my recovery was speedy and I was back in the gym from the third week. I even got compliments from my trainer and friends.
Tammy Fontana
Tammy Fontana
09:07 19 Sep 20
The staff and Dr. Shen are great. The staff are highly responsive and supportive via Whatsap. It's easy to get appointments. The care and treatment are wonderful. State of the art facilities. Highly recommend with confidence
Anne S
Anne S
06:05 07 Nov 20
I believe Dr Shen is one of the best specialists in Singapore; his great expertise combined with supportive customer service and newest technology made me feel safe and confident that I'm in good hands. The results of the treatments exceeded my expectations. Dr Shen offers a detailed consultation prior to the treatment to assure the client obtained desired effect.
Libing Tay
Libing Tay
09:25 17 Jun 20
Very pleased with my dst double eyelid done by Dr Shens.This is a photo of my eyes 3 months plus post surgery and they have healed up so nicely and naturally!I will also like to commend his group of staff who have been so patient with me when I was freaking out about the uneven height 2 weeks after the surgery. The unevenness was only temporary due to some swelling and went down quickly after that. Since then, they have been consistently following up with me and checking on my needs. Appreciate that very much 🙂
Trinity Phoenix
Trinity Phoenix
13:08 22 Oct 20
I read some negatives reveiws on Shen clinic and Doctor Shenthilkumar’s work. It is indeed strange that these people who did these reviews, have no patient records with Shen's Clinic. What society does not realize is that a plastic surgeons role goes beyond beautifying people, they saved lives too. Besides beautifying people, Doctor Shenthilkumar volunteers his time for FREE to save lives. Accident victims, burn victims, even handicap people are given a new lease of life and he beautifies these people lives.Now allow me to share my horrifying story which could have cost me my life and I am indeed lucky to be alive and given a new lease of life by Dr Shenthikumar.I was a victim of a terrible botched surgery which left me mentally and physically scarred for 7/8 years. This botched surgery was caused by a well known MOH accredited GP located in Wisma Atria who performed a Vaser lipoauction on my abdomen and promised me a high definition result. It was only later that I discovered that this doctor was never trained in High Definition nor was he a certified Plastic Surgeon. The results of this botched surgery left me with burns, hyper-pigmentation, numerous dents, keloids and a very distorted and disproportional body shape. During the procedure in this clinic, I was heavily sedated with no proper anesthesia or an anesthetic doctor present. I woke up at 9pm in their clinic and I was in their at 9am. I was so heavily sedated that even at 9pm, I could barely walk and when I woke up, the pain was excruciating and I required assistance to stand and walk. They had their nurse to assist me all the way home to my doorstep. This horrible incident could have cost me my life and I am indeed lucky to be alive today.After this incident, I approached numerous plastic surgeons in Singapore (Government and Private) and none of them were willing or daring enough to perform a corrective surgery on me because of the condition of my botched surgery, that many of them claimed was one of the worst they have encountered. Desperation drove me to contact one of the best surgeon in the USA, and after seeing my condition, he too turned me down.The torment and agony of living my hideous life for the next 7 years was unimaginable, not being able to indulge in proper social life, loss of confidence and mental trauma. Hiding my disproportionate body behind clothes, I shunned away from society and fell into depression for 8 years.I came across Doctor Shen who was kind and was agreeable to see me for a consultation. He explained thoroughly in detail to me the risks and low possibilities of regaining my flawless body. He was very patient with me knowing that I was traumatised and instilled in me trust and confidence again. He did not rush me into making any decisions upfront.He is a very humble person who is always jovial and non judgemental. He has empathy and counsel me when he notices that I am anxious due to my past trauma. I put my life for the second time on the hands of Dr Shenthilkumar and I am extremely thankful and grateful to this man for the job he did on me.Thank you Doctor Shen and all the staff in Shen's Clinic.
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Shens Clinic focuses on cosmetic surgery services, aesthetic treatments for face, body and skincare. Dr Shens, the consultant plastic surgeon is a Korean- trained doctor specialized in mostly eyes, face and body cosmetic procedures.

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