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Frustrated by the lack of ethical, evidence-based chiropractic in Singapore, Jesse founded Square One Active Recovery to find chronic pain patients find freedom from pain. Reach out to Square One Active Recovery via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

Chirag Amin
Chirag Amin
09:59 23 Dec 19
5 STARS - could not recommend highly enough. Fantastic Jesse is THE best chiropractor I’ve ever experienced, he’s helped me through 3 separate incidents, shoulder, knee and ankle. Jesse’s active recovery process allowed me to take control of my rehab and his guidance and availability means that whilst I am on the road and away from singapore I was making progress. Jesse’s approach is data driven and well researched and consistently has yielded excellent and lasting results.
Ming Rong
Ming Rong
05:25 21 Jun 19
While gym trainers get you stronger and fitter, Jesse’s knowledge and expertise adds on a dimension to prevent injury, and provide risk assessment so that you can live pain free... He only does adjustments when necessary, instead giving daily exercises to target weak areas. It's not the place to go if you're looking for a feel good massage or crack. You'll have to work hard at home, but results show within a short time.Joined a session of PAIN SCHOOLED! and we had a discussion about Pain. It was interesting to find out what pain is, and what it is not. The understanding helps you to figure out the treatment you need for your “pain”.... Highly recommend you check one of the workshops out or have a chat with Square One if you’re fighting pain.
Xiuhui Pang
Xiuhui Pang
04:10 26 Dec 19
Jesse is a passionate chiropractor who believes in giving evidence-based treatment. He is not the usual chiropractor who cracks your bone, instead he will prescribe exercises to treat your pain. His exercises are highly effective and efficient to target your problems. Do not worry about his exercises being too difficult because he will patiently guide you through and adjust the exercises to your ability. Thank you Jesse for making my body stronger and fitter! I had learnt so much from this recovery process. Highly recommended if you want a permanent and sustainable solution to your pain.
Shawn Eu
Shawn Eu
10:07 26 Oct 19
Definitely a place for people who are not just looking for a one time fix. Met Jesse on my trip down, he was very knowledgeable and meticulous in his work, as we worked towards getting my problems solved. Square One Active Recovery provides an opportunity not only for people to learn more about their body but also how one can take measures to prevent certain injuries from occurring.
Zachery Lim
Zachery Lim
06:10 07 Oct 19
I was recommended to Jesse by a friend and he helped me to manage my injury while training for a race. As resting was not an option, he managed to get a thorough understanding of my issues and limitations and worked around it to help achieve my training goals and recovery at the same time.The solutions he provided were practical and simple enough to integrate to my daily life. After a session with him and 2 weeks of the exercises my training is no longer plagued by discomfort and pain. I would recommend him for anyone who is looking for a long term solution beyond just chiropractic adjustments.
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About Square One Active Recovery

Founded by Singapore chiropractor Jesse Cai, they transform traditional chiropractic care by bringing the focus back to patients. With their behaviour change and evidence-based approach, Jesse aims to make himself redundant to patients within 4 to 7 visits.

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