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Steve Seah Eye Centre is the go-to eye clinic in Singapore equipped with modern tools and techniques for the comprehensive management of all eye conditions, particularly glaucoma and cataracts. Reach out to Steve Seah Eye Centre via the form below.

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Zhi Yan
Zhi Yan
06:40 02 Jul 20
I visited Dr Seah to have my eyes checked, since my dad has glaucoma and I heard that it’s a hereditary disease... Dr Seah was very efficient and detailed throughout, he seems to really know his stuff and I feel safe in his care.
Natalie Lee
Natalie Lee
04:52 18 Feb 20
My check-ups with Dr Seah are always very helpful. As I have mild glaucoma, he screens my eyes thoroughly and so far it has not progressed- imagine my relief and trust! He also never hurries me when I ask many questions and always explain my condition and treatment fully.
Justinne Ming
Justinne Ming
08:59 06 Jul 20
I had Epi Lasik done with Dr Seah and it was a great decision made. No more glasses or contact lenses for me, and with comfortable results now that I’m fully recovered.
Kenneth Lim
Kenneth Lim
06:51 06 Jan 20
It was Dr Seah who did my 72-year-old grandma's cataract surgery. The procedure went by smoothly, and we were able to go home on the same day. Overall, the experience was worth it. I'm happy to see my grandma recovering well and be able to see clearly soon.
Albert Lee
Albert Lee
01:37 04 Oct 19
Knowing that Dr seah specializes in glaucoma, I’ve been seeing him for years to keep my eye pressure under control. When it finally came to needing surgery, it went without a hitch too. During my short hospital stay, he checked in frequently to make sure I was healing OK. I'm very grateful for this hospitality. Highly appreciated and recommended.
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About Steve Seah Eye Centre

Their clinic provides quality eye surgery in Singapore, from Epi-LASIK treatments to eyelid surgery.

One Orchard Boulevard #16-01/02 Camden Medical Centre Singapore 248649

6565 6888

Dr Steve Seah  

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