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The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee is a boutique clinic that combines personalized service and state of the art technology. Reach out to The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee via the form below.

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Jon Loh
Jon Loh
02:44 13 Mar 20
Did my ICL procedure with The Eye Clinic in December 2019 and can’t express how much this has changed my day to day life. The feeling of clear, fresh vision with no hassle has been nothing short of amazing. It’s worth mentioning as well that the staff there ensured that it was a very smooth customer journey throughout, with regular updates, check ins, help and ultimate care for the patients. Special mention of course goes out to Dr Cheryl Lee who’s a superstar not just in her profession but as a person as well. She sought to make sure I was kept well informed with any queries and even cracked jokes throughout the procedure itself. For anyone seeking corrective eye procedures I’d highly recommend The Eye Clinic simply for their unique service, a wonderful customer experience plus the fact it’s all done by the pro herself Dr Cheryl Lee.
Gerry O'Toole
Gerry O'Toole
14:41 06 Feb 20
It has been about 3 months since my and I had cataract surgery and news bespoke lenses installed by Dr Cheryl Lee. Amazing! No more specs. We can wear sunglasses. We don’t have to fiddle about looking for specs, which are invariably on our heads. The team at The Eye Clinic are wonderful. They know it all and are very helpful. It’s also such a happy place. We are very satisfied with the service we received. Thank you!
Russell Tio
Russell Tio
09:46 20 Jul 20
Dr Cheryl Lee is very friendly and has been thoroughly reassuring by making sure I understood everything throughout the whole process. I came here to do an ICL procedure and quickly completed the whole process within the span of about 2 weeks after the first consultation.The clinic has also went the extra mile and helped lower the overall cost of the package by including extra medical procedures to meet the requirements of an insurance claim. I managed to claim a few thousand because of this even though it was extra work for them. The good thing about the EyeClinic is that they have very specialised equipment that normal public hospitals do not. I was able to do a ultrasound on my eyes to measure the size of my iris immediately after consultation. Usually, public hospitals only measure your iris externally and estimates the len's size on that. With an ultrasound, it captures the inner dimensions of my iris and ensures that Dr Lee gets a very specific measurement. I have an abnormally high degree and estiquematism and she told me I was one of her highest estiquematism patient this year. Dr Lee helped contacted the lens manufacturer from switzerland if they had one with my exact specifications. I was told I could start my operation immediately if they had one in stock else I'll need to wait a month or two for them to custom one. Thankfully there was. The actual surgery itself took only 10-20 mins and I barely felt anything. The operating theatre is just across the road at paragon and there was a full team of nurses to assist the doctor during the procedure. At one point of the procedure, I wasn't feeling comfortable/ready and Dr Lee could sense my discomfort and stopped immediately. She checked on me and added more liquids/local anesthesia and waited for awhile. Post Surgery, everything went smoothly, I had sore eyes and they were abit sensitive to light. Vision was abit blur because my eyes were still dilated. These were natural. A few hours later, I could start seeing clearly and it was as if I had natural clear vision. The medication I received consisted mostly of eyedrops to help moisturise my eyes. Overall, I'd definitely recommend Dr Lee as it's been such an efficient and pleasant experience. Especially when it comes to something so fragile like your eyes, her expertise and friendly nature will reassure you every step of the process.
allan smith
allan smith
12:54 05 Jan 20
Seeing is Be LivingTo be living to the best of our capabilities eyesight is a vital base function. At the EyeClinic, after a thorough examination using many pretty cool new "toys", my blurry close up vision was fixed to crystal clarity in a half day operation. Dr Lee has a professional well trained staff who combine to provide an amazing customer experience. To be living your best, I can't recommend enough the EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee.
Rachel Tay
Rachel Tay
06:22 10 Feb 20
My experience with them was wonderful! The staff were all really helpful and patient in explaining every detail to me. Dr Cheryl Lee is really the best and she made sure that everything will go smoothly. I really can’t thank them enough for everything!
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About The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee

Dr Cheryl Lee is an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who has returned to Singapore with more than ten years of experience in the United Kingdom, France and the United States.

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Dr Cheryl Lee

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