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Total Health Chiropractic started in 2010 and has quickly grown to become a trusted chiropractic business in Singapore and favored by many of the top corporations, providing valuable health services across the island. Reach out to Total Health Chiropractic via the form below. 

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What Customers Say

Allen Choo
Allen Choo
11:14 11 Jun 19
My colleagues and friends noticed when i walk , my body leans more to the left. Before that I have a bad experience with a chiropractic clinic in the past who uses hard selling tactics and do not explain properly. Total Health clears away my phobia away. The staff are friendly and approachable. Dr. Richard cares about people. The atmosphere brightens up my day. After subsequent visits initially with Dr. Tom , then with Dr. Richard ( currently ) , my walking posture is better . Definitely i need to work on my weight as well. Total Health deserves more awards to come.
Hong Taa Tan
Hong Taa Tan
07:35 31 Mar 19
I was introduced to Total Health Chiropractic by a friend who was been with Total Health for quite a well. My first visit to the clinic was with Dr Tom and I've been taken care by Dr Tom mainly since I've started my journey of better quality of life last year. The team at the clinic are always very welcoming and they make it a point to remember every client by name and face. Around 50 sessions in and I definitely feel that my persistent neck problem it a lot better now. Kudos to the team at the clinic!
Steve Chua
Steve Chua
05:37 12 Jun 19
Was skeptical of such treatments and its effectiveness especially after having hard sell talks during those company events that I’ve attended in the past. But things have changed after having my chiropractic sessions with Dr Richard at total chiropractic. Under his care, i have learnt the importance of posture, the cause and effects of spinal conditions and that spinal corrections is a gradual progressive process and not “a quick fix” process which most people think. Most importantly, my back conditions have improved - Now I am able to walk Long distances and do sports which I haven’t been able to do so in a long time. The most surprising thing though is that one would never expect that chiropractic sessions can become a “must go to” session for one’s schedule!
Yama Nafik
Yama Nafik
02:54 11 Jun 19
I was initially treated by Dr. Tom, and then by Dr. Richard (currently). Both of them have a pleasant disposition; showing care and concern towards patients/clients (based on my observation and experience). This attribute is in itself, very endearing and I believe acts as a pull factor for us (patients) to see them and get our problems treated.The staff working at the clinic are a gem themselves - always cheerful and always making patients feel welcome every time we get there for our adjustments. And the plus point - the location (near my office, very convenient!). All in all, I’m a happy patient! Good Doctors, good staff, good location. Thank you Total Health Chiropractic!
Kuang Shao Tay
Kuang Shao Tay
10:39 29 May 19
The staffs here are very friendly and the doctor is knowledgeable about chiropratic. The massages are also pain-free and allow you to feel more relaxed after the session. Will definitely recommend to others!
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A team of highly talented, family-oriented doctors from the best chiropractic schools in the world helps patients improve and maintain their quality of life. For many the experience will be life changing.

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