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Many of Urbanrehab Physiotherapy’s clients are looking to achieve a sporting or personal fitness goal, and they are committed to helping patients reach their full potential. Reach out to Urbanrehab Physiotherapy via the form below.

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Rayhan Tee
Rayhan Tee
09:16 17 Jul 20
The hand therapist Maria Downey is really helpful, empathetic and professional. She helped to rehabilitate my hand by doing multiple treatments including strengthening exercises, ultrasound, wax and hand massages. She does an amazing job and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a hand therapist.If you're looking for a hand therapist, look for Maria and rest assured that you are in safe hands. :^)
Jenna Weng
Jenna Weng
00:21 15 Jul 20
Dr. Maria Downey is my hand therapist. She is very gentle, kind, professional, and pay attention to details. My hand recovers gradually. She taught some simple workout to build my muscle. It is very useful. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Alan Jin
Alan Jin
03:59 15 Jun 20
I hurt my back in an accident. My physiotherapist is Jacky who is very professional, I felt very comfortable about his consulting services because he is a good listener. And also he can make a very suitable plan for me step by step, my back recovered very quickly. Thank you Jacky.
Li Ching Han
Li Ching Han
12:37 09 Jun 20
Excellent advice and help from physiotherapist Emily . Had very bad meniscus tear on right knee coupled with OA both knees . Couldn’t walk properly and in great discomfort on injured knee , and right leg couldn’t straighten and felt weak. Emily guided me patiently with exercises and gave me professional massage , which resulted in marked improvement and immediate relief . She’s observant , listen well to your issues and showed empathy and care . Gave sound advice on corrective actions to help improve my condition. I have never done physiotherapy and didn’t use to believe too much in this. Am now convinced on the effectiveness with the excellent experience with Emily . Still on the road to full recovery , but have made very good progress under Emily ‘s guidance . She has given me confidence that I can get back to normal functioning with the continual exercises and physio. Grateful to come across a professional and caring therapist like Emily in this difficult stage . Thank you Emily and will strongly recommend her help to anyone who is in need or keen to get stronger .
Daniel Teo
Daniel Teo
02:20 10 Jun 20
I have gone through a few months of physiotherapy with Jacky to help with a minor slipped disk on my neck as well as arthritis in my lumbar region. Jacky was great in taking the time to first identify the issue and determine how my movement was hindered initially. From there, he put together a training schedule to gradually help me regain better mobility as well as stretches at I can do at home to ease any pains/discomfort. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has injuries or conditions affecting daily regular movement. I have definitely regained much more normalcy in my day-to-day life after the physio.
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At Urbanrehab, they are committed to providing a total package of care for all types of clients. The therapists have a wide range of expertise and special interests in conditions that span all age groups and lifestyles.

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