It is a long standing stereotype that women love to pretty themselves up while guys will just throw on a t-shirt and jeans and be on their way. While this stereotype does have merit, it is not as solid as one may think. Even men care about their appearance. They may show this care in a different way then women do, but they do still very much care. It is because of this desire to look good and attractive that cause so many men to hit the gym all the time.

But one thing more and more men are starting to realize is that women do not just want a guy with a nice body, but a nice face as well. What I mean by this is that some guys will have a lot of lines and wrinkles, which can detract from their overall attractiveness. This is why Men and Botox are starting to come together.

In the past, men did not like to use cosmetic things because it would make them feel overly feminine, like it was a womans thing. This feeling is still very much true, which is why you do not see many guys getting manicures. But when it comes to botox, this is something even men are starting to make use of.

Botox is a great way for a man to remove those pesky wrinkles and lines from his face, giving him a softer, more youthful appearance to go with that physique he has been working on. It has very little to do with typical woman’s products and as such it is becoming more widely acceptable for men to make use of it.

Men and Botox may be becoming more popular, but there are still many who hold reservations. They are still afraid that it is a bit too feminine for their tastes and it makes them uncomfortable. This is why a common question asked by potential botox users is just how many guys actually use botox.

Safe to say, thousands, if not millions of men use botox to regain their youthful appearance. Even more men are starting to use it as well, making that number go even higher as the days roll by.

While men are starting to accept botox as being on the same level as working out at the gym (By that I mean, something both men and women can do) they might also be wary of the potential risks. Using treatments like this are fairly foreign and so it should come as no surprise why some guys would have some reservations.

Botox does have side effects, but for the most part they are mild and diminish rapidly if you have them at all. In some rare cases more extreme side effects can occur, such as difficulty breathing or swallowing due to the way botox works.

If you are a guy and are interesting in making use of botox, you should not feel any shame in your choice. As I said above, it is no different then hitting the gym, you are simply making yourself more attractive so that you can appeal to women more.