Angel Whitening Laser Treatment

@ $58
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Angel Whitening Laser Treatment

@ $58
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Angel Whitening Laser Treatment

Whitening Of Skin

Angel Whitening Laser treatment is a non-surgical whitening treatment that gives you a fairer and brighter skin tone. It utilises an effective, precise and non-invasive technology that enhances your skin.

Reduces Skin Problems

Apart from whitening of skin, Angel Whitening Laser Treatment reduces skin problems such as freckles, lentigoes, sun spots, age spots , malesma and pimple blemishes.

We Are Located At

30 Hill Street and Serangoon Gardens(MyVillage Mall)
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What Angel Whitening Laser Does For You

Fairer skin tone

Brighter Skin Color

Better Complexion

Angel Whitening Laser Also Reduces Skin Problems

Pimple Blemishes





1. Is your procedure safe?

The laser is safe and is performed by a qualified doctor. The toning laser stimulates underlying collagen and breakdown pigmentations while preserving the top layer of skin(the epidermis).
2. What will I expect during treatment?

The treatment is comfortable. Your eyes will be covered with goggles while your skin will be protected with an applied gel. You may feel a slight sensation of heat during the treatment.

3. Can I resume my normal activities after treatment?
Yes, you may resume normal activities after the treatment.
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About Uber-Aesthetic Clinic
Uber-Aesthetic Clinic was established in 2005 as an aesthetic clinic that specialises in providing non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body. Tailored to address various modern day beauty concerns, our quality treatments and solutions eliminate the risk of complications and side effects, and aim to minimize recovery time for you. Our dedicated team of well-trained doctors and staff constantly undergo professional training to keep abreast of the latest advances in aesthetic technology and procedures.
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