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Fat Freezing

Eliminate fat with Coolsculpting technology

How Fat Freezing Works?

Fat Freezing, also known as Coolsculpting works by delivering a safe, effective & controlled cooling to constructively treat stubborn fat in abdominal area and back. Watch this video to see why Fat Freezing is deemed one of the best ways to reduce unwanted fat.

1. Assess by doctor

A fat freezing session usually starts off with a doctor assessing the areas you like to remove fat from. This will let the doctor decide the most suitable temperature, applicator to use on you for maximised results.

2. Seated

While seated in a reclined chair, the cooling panels will work on crystallizing your fat cells. A special gel will also be applied on the selected area to protect your skin from frost bites/damage during the fat freezing treatment.

3. Freezing Treatment Starts

In a typical fat freezing treatment, the doctor will use 1-2 cooling panels to suck the targeted part of you body like a mini vacuum. This suction is meant to isolate the part of your body that you like to reduce fat.

4. Fat cells die off

After the fat freezing treatment, you will notice an undeniable loss of flabby flesh on the area. Your body will begin to pass out the dead fat cells over the next 60-90 days.

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Fat Freezing Treatment

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is an innovative way to contour your body by eliminating unwanted fat away using cool temperature. It does not require surgery and has minimal downtime. With more than 4 million fat freezing treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves, thanks to the one-of-a-kind fat freezing procedure.

Benefits of Coolsculpting: Fat Freeze Treatment

Reduces Fats

Reduce stubborn and unwanted fats in common areas like tummy, arms & thighs using the latest contouring technology.

Non-surgical Procedure

It is a non-invasive & non-surgical procedure. The procedure does not affect surrounding tissues. Moreover, it is safe, less downtime & your body will naturally eliminate those fat cells after fat-freezing the given area.

Toned Body

Fat Freezing treatment eliminates fats and helps tone your body. The transformation allows you to stay motivated and feel confident.

Short Recovery Time

Coolsculpting offers a natural body contouring treatment that does not need a surgical procedure and extensive treatment. Thus, a toned body will come along

Lasting Results

Coolsculpting removes fat cells in targeted areas and you’ll notice gradual improvements as fat cells die, you can enjoy long-term results in your body.

Quick Process

Depending on the size of the area, Coolsculpting generally last about 30 minutes, promises a quick, easy, simple & convenient way of reducing fat even in a single treatment.

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Important Notes About Fat Freezing Treatment

1) Certified doctors only

Fat freezing treatment is only to be administered and calibrated by a certified, medical doctor. As fat freezing is a medical grade treatment, only doctors are allowed to prescribe, carry out and monitor the treatment process. Do not give in to offers by non-doctors to carry out any medical treatment as they may not have the contingence needed

2) Reputable Brands

There are several brands that carry machines that carry out the fat freezing treatment. Ensure that the clinic/doctor is using a reputable brand like Zeltiq to carry out the fat freezing treatment. There have been cases of complications after fat freezing caused by less reputable brands, where people oblige for its lower prices compared to the reputable ones.

FAQ on Fat Freezing

Does fat freezing work?
Yes, there are many trials, celebrity reviews, doctor reviews and TV features that support the effectiveness of fat freezing cryolipo. It is accepted among doctors and surgeons as one of the most effective non-invasive (no surgery) fat loss solutions, capable of losses between 20-45% of fat cells after a single cryolipo session. It’s much more popular in the USA as it was first introduced there but is becoming more widely known about in other parts of the world.
Which brand of fat freeze machine is recommended?
There are several brands that carry fat freeze machines, but only the Zeltiq machine is recognised by the FDA. Many people still prefer to use the Zeltiq machine even though it is slightly more costly than other brands. Feel free to ask the clinic/doctor the brand of the machine that they use that carry out the fat freeze treatment. Click here to get a list of clinics that uses Zeltiq for fat freeze.
How much do fat freezing treatments cost?
Click here to find out more about the costs from top aesthetic clinics in Singapore.
How is my skin protected from the freezing?
A special gel will be applied onto the part of your skin that is being treated for fat freezing. The freezing will bypass your skin and only work on the layer of fat cells beneath your skin. This prevents your skin from any form of burns or frost bites.
Is this treatment safe?
This treatment should only be performed by a certified medical doctor. As this is a medical grade treatment, a doctor should always be present during the treatment to monitor and attend to any contingence that might occur.

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